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Authentic Mombasa Swahili Cuisine

Who we are

Our Story

Naitwa Jamila A Mombasa Swahili Mpishi and Mwalimu who aims at serving many, home away from home. My swahili food products are freshly homemade using spices and herbs within America and from Mombasa, Kenya.


In 2017 while in Japan, I founded my path of swahili originality and my passion for cooking.  As much as I take pride in My Mombasa swahili childhood upbringing I as well try to stay intimately connected to my roots, by replicating practices of my Motherland (Mombasa). Through SwahiliFood I stroke flames of Mombasa, keeping it alive and running. 

Why Swahili Bites

Cooking Swahili Cuisine at an early age making me a Culinary Swahili Specialist and more of a Swahili Oriented Chef. However, with an American husband, I developed my own Swahili Americanized foods.


My Mom’s (Mrs. Leila Kizondo) Indian Yemeni background plus the opportunity of me living in the Arab World ( UAE and Qatar) as well as Japan contributed to expanding my cooking repertoire.

Besides being a SwahiliFood chef, I speak and teach Kiswahili language, I am a Swahili heena artist, a Swahili Event Planner, and Entertainer.


From the year 2020 to date, Jkizondo Swahili Bites has and is still gaining momentum, having realized that Swahili Cuisine wasn’t well represented in this part of the world. I noticed a big gap between culture and human well-being, many have no idea about the Swahili history and it’s people, the Swahili food, the Kiswahili language, and even the culture of sharing and eating together.

Our Mission

Devoted to serve love and joy through diverse communities within America and across, i drive my Mapishi (cooking) towards satisfaction and a healthy relationship., as well as reviving the beauty of things we took granted for. I aim at serving authentic SWAHILI cuisine with the originality of Mombasa Island with a commitment of quality food at pocket friendly for everyday consumption