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Karibu Jikoni kwa JKizondo Swahili Bites

Serving Authentic  SWAHILI Flavors, The originality of Mombasa with a commitment of quality at pocket friendly price.



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About Jkizondo Swahili Bites

Naitwa Jamila Kizondo, A Mombasa Swahili Mpishi and Mwalimu who aims at serving many, home away from home. My swahili food products are freshly homemade using spices and herbs within America and   from Mombasa, kenya. 

In 2017 while in Japan, I founded my path of swahili originality and my passion for cooking.  As much as I take pride in My Mombasa swahili childhood upbringing I as well try to stay intimately connected to my roots, by replicating practices of my Motherland ( Mombasa) Through Swahili Food I stroke flames of Mombasa, keeping it alive and running.

The Swahili culture comes to life at JKizondo Swahili Bites, the food, the service and the delight is all Swahili.

Mombasa Swahili Appetizers

JKizondo Swahili Bites offers a world class cuisine with an exquisite dining experience.

Sambusa Mombasa

Fried pockets stuffed with spiced ground beef/ chicken or Mixed veggies or Tuna (1pc @2$)
(Minimum order 15pcs)

Kachori Sarigoi

Lemony Spicy Potatoes (15pcs @20$)

Kababu Shikaadabu

Oval/circle-shaped spiced ground beef/chicken meatballs. (1pc @2$)
(Minimum order 15pcs)

Katlesi Kidogobasi

Ground beef/ Chicken or Tuna stuffed potatoes (1pc @2$)
(Minimum order 15pcs)

Bhajia Kidogo Nitilia

Chickpea coated potatoes
(Small tray @25$)

Viazi Karai Kanamai

Deep fried coated potatoes (1pc @1$)
(Minimum order 25pcs)

Today’s Specialty

JKizondo Swahili Bites offers a world class cuisine with an exquisite dining experience.

Mkate wa Ufuta, Posta

Sesame Salty Bread (Minimum order 5pc)

Mkate wa Nyama Mzizima

Meat Loaf in Eggs (Medium Size) (Chicken Flavor @45$ (Beef Flavor @60$)

Mkate wa Tambi Chakubimbi

Vermicelli Cake in Coconut Milk and Sugar (Medium size)

Vitumbua Kongowea

Rice Cupcakes (Minimum order 15pcs)

Mahamri Mwembe Tayari

Fried Triangled Puffy Sweet Bread (Minimum Order 20pcs)

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JKizondo Swahili Bites,
Atlanta GA, Georgia – United States of America.

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+1 (202) 716 4302

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